Although I will no longer be preparing lunches in my home for the thousands of you who have visited throughout the years, I am looking forward to visiting with you in our boutique.  Thank you for allowing me to be and remain a part of your lives, families and traditions.  I look forward to the years to come; the possibilities are endless.

We feature over 100 loose-leaf tea available by the ounce to enjoy at home.  Here is a small sample listing:

Green Teas

Formosa Superior Taifu Fancy Top Oolong  The finest white leaf tips crown this marvelous oolong leaf.  Intense flowery bouquet and highly aromatic.  A slight doughy spiciness completes this extraordinary treat.  A top treat for connoisseurs.  Its noble taste lingers for a long time.  Limited production. 195 degrees  3-5 minutes.

Gunpowder  Cultivated in the Pingshui region of northern China’s Zheijiang province, the motherland of gunpowder tea. Tender, young organic fair trade green tea leaves, rolled into small spheres resembling gunpowder, produce a grassy infusion with a slightly smoky flavor. A deeply renewing pick-me-up any time of day.
Water Temperature: 180-185 F degrees. 
Caffeine Content: Medium. 
Steep Time: 3 minutes. 
Ingredients: Organic Fair Trade Certified Green Tea Leaves. 
Origin: Zhejiang, China.


Iron Goddess of Mercy (Ti Kuan Yin) (sweet, fruity) Grown on China’s high hilltops amongst fresh streams and cool, crisp air. Tender leaves are gently basket tossed immediately after harvesting to rupture the cells for semi-oxidization. Increased steeping time and temperature will draw distinctive flavor with each brewing. Enjoy!

195 F degrees,  3-5 minutes.
Caffeine Content: Medium.  
Ingredients: Oolong Tea. 
Origin: Anxi, China.


Japan Kukicha Extra "Twig Tea" is a specialty of the early spring made by meticulously processing leaf and stalk cuttings from Sencha production. Lightly creamy and nutty, this treat brews up a bright yellow-green, but does not have the vegetal boldness of its Sencha cousin. Low in caffeine and delicious on ice.  158°F. Allow to brew 2 min.


Japanese Sencha  This is the most consumed green tea in Japan. Beautiful flat leaf.  Lightly vegetative.  Traditional Japanese organic green tea. Deep steamed and carefully dried. Brews a lively, grassy cup. 
Water Temperature: 180-185 F degrees. 
Caffeine Content: Medium Low.   Steep Time: 3-5 minutes. 
Ingredients: Organic Green.   Tea origin: Japan.


Lung Ching Dragonwell  A classic green Chinese tea from the village of Dragon Well. The flat green leaves produce a clear, yellowish green liquor with a slightly sweet aftertaste. Prized for four unique qualities: jade color, vegetative aroma, mellow chestnutty flavor, and singular shape. Drink alone or as a digestive after a heavy meal. Contains the powerful antioxidant EGCG.  many times more powerful an antioxidant than vitamin E. According to the National Cancer Institute.

Drink four cups per day for good health. 180-185 F degrees, Steep Time: 3 minutes.


Matcha Grade A    Fresh leaves from a Grade A Gyokuro green tea are stone ground into a fine powder. In the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, Matcha, literally “powdered tea,” is elegantly delivered by bamboo spoon into a bowl of hot water, then whipped with a bamboo whisk into a frothy, rich brew sipped right from the bowl. Renowned for its health benefits and versatile attributes in fine dining.

Water Temperature: 180 F degrees.  Caffeine Content: Medium. 
Steep Time: 1 minute,  1 teaspoon per 3oz of water best enjoyed when frothed and fully whisked.
Ingredients: Stone Ground Tencha Green Tea.  Origin: Uji Gardens, Japan

Tip: Whisk the Matcha well with a Bamboo whisk and break up any small lumps with the tip of your whisk while whisking tea, assuring the  optimal flavor and a smooth, creamy texture."


Sumatra Oolong Barisan  (flowery) This delicate, high quality Oolong from Indonesia is comparable to the best Green Oolongs from Taiwan. Skilled processing and high-altitude cultivation delivers a fragrantly floral, jade-green color. The taste is a mild grassiness that gives way to lush, buttery floral and vanilla notes sure to make a lasting impression on your palate.  205 degrees, 3-5 minutes.

Green Flavored

Angel’s Kiss Chinese Sencha, Lung Ching, Pai Mu Tan (86% total tea), papaya cubes (papaya, sugar), pineapple cubes (pineapple, sugar), natural flavoring, rose petals and freeze-dried strawberry pieces. . Temperature: 176-194 degrees.  Brew 2-3 min


Bossa Nova  Creamy hazelnut and vanilla give warm rhythm to this customer favorite. Oolong tea from China, hazelnut brittle, mullein blossoms, and natural flavor.

212 degrees.  Allow to brew 2 min.


Fresh Greens  Hand tossed in a large wok and dried to perfection,  hand blended with lemon verbena leaves. Light green infusion with refreshing citrus finish.176-194 degrees.   Brew 2-3 min


Gojiberry/Blueberry/Pomegranate  Green tea 80%, gojiberries, lemongrass, pomegranate seeds, cornflower blossoms, natural flavoring.  176-194 degrees.   2-3 min.


Organic Bangkok  An Organic green tea with lemongrass, ginger, vanilla and sweet coconut. A fragrant aroma reminiscent of Thai cooking. .  176-194 degrees.   2-3 min


Plum Oolong Succulent schizandra berries and sweet amber oolong leaves blended with the tender essence of plum. Steeped multiple times, the gentle, sweet taste and pleasant characters of this sublime organic fusion perfectly grace any meal.  Water Temperature: 195-206 F degrees. Steep Time: 3 minutes. 
Ingredients: Organic Schizandra Berries, Organic Oolong Tea, Essences of Plum. 
Origin: Special Blend  . Temperature: 176-194 degrees.  Brew 2-3 min




Biodynamic Bai Mu Dan Grown and harvested beyond organic. Our hand harvested Fair Trade White Peony is nurtured with great care, observing and working with nature. Brews a light, refreshing cup with slightly woodsy notes.   Water Temperature:  176-194 degrees.  Brew 2-3 min.

White Monkey Picked  In previous times, monks in a small village in Northern China would train monkeys to scale the tops of mountainsides and climb wild trees to select the finest tea buds, hide them in a backpack, and bring them down the mountainside. Today, the monkeys harmoniously cohabitate in a community with local families & farmers.

Water Temperature:185 degrees.  Brew 2-3 min.

White Flavored

Blueberry Pomegranate  Organic white peony hand blended with whole blueberries and pomegranate essence. Water Temperature:  176-194 degrees.  2-3 min.


Goji Blossom  Select Organic White tea hand blended with raw gojiberries, lemon myrtle, and flower blossoms. Brews a sweet clean taste reminiscent of baked pear and orange blossoms with slight woodsy notes. Water Temperature: 176-194 degrees.   2-3 min.


Wedding Tea  Pai Mu Tan leaves are plucked from a special varietal tea bush called Narcissus or chaicha bushes. The leaves are not steamed or pan-fired (the process used in green teas). The leaves are naturally withered and dried in the sun. Only special ‘two leaves and a bud’ are selected. These leaves must show a very light green almost gray white color and be covered with velvet peach fuzz down.  Mutan White tea is infused with a hint of lemon-vanilla, and then pink rosebuds are added, to represent the bloom of new love. Water Temperature: 176-194 degrees. Brew 2-3 min.


White Peach  Essence of fresh picked peaches infuses the senses in this blend of organic white peony and aromatic osmanthus blossoms. Water Temperature:  176-194 degrees.  Brew 2-3 min.


Assam Mangalam  FTGFOP1 This prime, orthodox quality Assam from the Mangalam Tea Estate in Northeast India,  is a carefully processed tea with large leaves and golden tips- dark amber in color and deliciously malty and richly spicy.  Brew 4-5 min. 203-212 degrees.  Origin: India


Assam Marangi Second Flush Winner Best Tea Super Black 2008 World Tea Championship, Winner Best Assam 2009 World Tea Championship. 203-212 degrees . 4-5 min.  Origin: India


Biodynamic Breakfast  Grown and harvested beyond organic.  Biodynamic farming embraces the global and local culture of our Fair Trade Single Estate ecosystem, creating a superior organic black tea. Our premier blend brews a brisk cup with aromatic notes of maple leaf, honey, and cocoa.  Water Temperature: 206 F degrees.
Caffeine Content: Medium Bold.
Steep Time: 3-5 minutes. 
Ingredients: Organic Black Tea.
Origin: Sri Lanka.


Darjeeling FTGFOP1 second flush Makaibari Tea Estate (oldest tea estate in Darjeeling, est. 1859)  Organic, ayurvedic, biodynamic brew 4-5 min. 203-212 degrees  India


Darjeeling Avongrove Organic  A relative newcomer, Avongrove has quickly catapulted up the short list of premier estates. This Organic selection merits the description - gentle. Darjeeling character in an easy-going format with resounding fruit harmony and light astringency.

212 degrees. Allow to brew 2.5 min.


English Breakfast  Ceylon, Assam, java, Darjeeling Water Temperature: 206 F degrees.
Caffeine Content: Medium Bold.
Steep Time: 3-5 minutes.


English Breakfast Decaf Organic This robust, full-bodied, single-estate tea from Assam, India has been decaffeinated using a C02 process and is certified organic.

Water Temperature: 206 F degrees.
Caffeine Content: Medium Bold.
Steep Time: 3-5 minutes.


English Breakfast Organic (keemun) This is a traditional blend of organic black tea. It provides a robust flavor perfect for starting the day. Brews a smooth malty cup with a clean finish.  Water Temperature: 206 F degrees. 
Caffeine Content: Medium Bold. 
Steep Time: 3-5 minutes. 
Ingredients: Organic Black Tea.
Origin: Special Blend.


Golden Monkey  Organic Golden Monkey is harvested each May, picked fresh, one bud and one leaf at a time, from Keemun tea bushes in our select Chinese garden. Our tea master for this select organic Keemun has over 20 years experience preparing this premium tea and created a signature process especially for Art of Tea.  Water Temperature: 206 F degrees. 
Caffeine Content medium. Steep Time: 3-5 minutes. 
Ingredients: Organic Black Tea. 
Origin: Anhui Province, China.


Irish Breakfast  100% Assam tea, like most traditional Irish blends. This tea give will your morning a powerful start.


Jun Chiyabari  From a small exclusive tea garden in East Nepal producing under 200 pounds of tea annually.  One of our favorite black teas.  Brew 4-5 min. 203-212 degrees.


Lapsang Souchong Superior Smoked Tea  Traditionally carried by camel across Asia from China to Europe, this tea would arrive with a signature smoky aroma from the fires that the caravans burned for warmth. Still popular today, the organic leaves are smoked over pine needles and yield a distinctive aroma that goes especially well with savory dishes. Caffeine Content: Medium Bold.
Ingredients: Organic Black Tea.  Origin: Fujian, China

Water Temperature: 206 F degrees.
Steep Time: 3-5 minutes.


Sanctuary Prayer Blend  Our special recipe comes to us from a monastery in Northern India. From their pristine gardens, the monks have blended three varieties of select black tea and suffused them with special healing prayers to create a fusion from a whole other level!
Caffeine Content: Medium.
Ingredients: Organic Black Tea. 
Origin: India.

Water Temperature: 206 F degrees.
Steep Time: 3-5 minutes.

Black Flavored

Black Currant  Black tea from India, black currant leaves, natural flavor.

203-212 degrees. Steep Time: 5-7.


Cinnamon Fig  Full bodied organic black tea base with freshly ground cinnamon bits and fall-ripened fig. Delivers a rich, maple-covered apple-type taste with a warming cinnamon fragrance. Caffeine Content: Medium. 
Ingredients: Organic Black Tea, Organic Cinnamon Bits and Natural Flavor. 
Origin: Special Blend.  Water Temperature: 206 F degrees.  Steep Time: 5-7 minutes


Hot Cinnamon Sunset  A blend of black teas, three types of cinnamon, orange peel, and sweet cloves. It is remarkably assertive, and that is its most admired quality.


Indian Chai ( (a fantastic full blended chai) An authentic blend of Nilgiri black tea, cardamom, cinnamon and spices. Brew it strong and add milk and sugar for the authentic taste of India!


Irish Morning Rum Cream  (no alcohol)  Not  just for the early risers on the green island. 

A strong black tea with a lacing of natural rum flavor.  White coconut shreds, green wild strawberry leaves, orange-red safflower reminds us of its Irish heritage. Boiling water. Allow to brew 3 min.


Kashmir Khali Kahwa A lighter "chai" tea in the style of Western India. Cinnamon, cardamom, clove and vanilla are blended with green and black teas for a true "Khali-Kahwa" or "really good cup".  Green teas from India, China and Japan, Black tea from India, cinnamon bits, cardamom seeds, cardamom husks, cloves, orange peel, and natural vanilla flavor.

Boiling water. Allow to brew 3 min.


Magic Strawberry Moon  56% black tea, 20% green tea, papaya cubes dried with sugar, rose hip peel, flavoring, sunflower blossoms.  Water temperature: 203-212 degrees.  Brew 4-5 min.


Paradise Cove  Black tea and marigolds with natural essence. Brews a sweet infusion with apricot and peach notes.
Caffeine Content: Medium. . 206 F degrees
Steep Time: 3-5 minutes.


Passion Fruit Jasmine  Select black tea and green tea, jasmine blossoms, and passion fruit essence. A long lasting, sweet flavor and astounding aroma that carries well hot and as a refreshing iced tea. This Passion fruit Jasmine tea won the Judges' Top Prize First Place at the Best Iced Tea Competition in Dallas, Texas in 2007.
Caffeine Content: Medium..
Ingredients: Organic Black Tea, Organic Green Tea, Organic Jasmine Flowers, Natural Flavors.
Origin: House Blend
Water Temperature: 206 F degrees.
Steep Time: 3-5 minutes

Sanctuary Tropical Ice Tea A sweet, fruity, very fragrant and an aromatic blend of Chinese and Ceylon black teas blended in Sweden with flowers and fruits. Blue cornflower, yellow marigold, orange rind.  The liquor has a dark color and a dominant floral/fruity note.  Boiling water, steep 5-7 minutes. 


Tali’s Masala Chai  (a bold, spicy chai) According to the ancient science of Ayurveda we need to have a balance of all six tastes throughout the day. Our fusion of organic Assam tea anchored in cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves and other spices, is finely balanced to create the perfect aromatic blend. Sages in India are known to infuse the tea with milk and sugar.  Caffeine Content: Medium. Ingredients: Organic Black Tea, Organic Cardamom, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Cloves, Organic Ginger.
Origin: House  Blend.  206 F degrees.
Steep Time: 5 minutes.  


Earl Grey Classic  Our blend of certified organic black teas hand picked from select gardens in China and India. The full-bodied leaves are then blended with precious oil of bergamot to create a superb citrus bouquet and great finish. Make your afternoon tea-time perfect with this timeless classic.  Caffeine Content: Medium Bold   Ingredients: Organic Black Tea, Organic Oil of Bergamot. 
Origin: Special Blend. Water Temperature: 206 F degrees, Steep Time: 3-5 minutes.


Earl Grey Cream  Organic high grown estate black tea hand blended with fragrant oil of bergamot and a touch of French vanilla. A remarkable blend with fresh citrus notes followed by a rich and robust finish.
Caffeine Content: Medium Bold.
Ingredients: Organic and


Biodynamic Black Tea, Organic Cornflowers, Organic Oil of Bergamot, Natural Flavors.
Origin: Special Blend. .  Water Temperature: 206 F degrees.
Steep Time: 3-5 minutes.


Earl Grey Decaf  Decaffeinated Ceylon is scented with the natural Oil of Bergamot as with the traditional Earl Grey blend. Temperature: 206 F degrees.
Steep Time: 3-5 minutes.


Herbal (caffeine free)


Bavarian Apple Strudel  Apple strudel is a traditional Bavarian and Austrian dessert.  Our fruit creation is spicy and fruity with a deliciously creamy aftertaste.  Apple, cinnamon, hibiscus and almond pieces, rosehip peel, elderberries, currants, black currant, natural flavoring.

Temperature: 206 F degrees. 
Steep Time: 5 minutes.


Chamomile Clementine  A sweet and velvety taste unseen in most chamomile blends. This unique tisane is mellow but still complex in the finish with a hint of cinnamon, apple and lime.
Water Temperature: 206 F degrees. 
Steep Time: 5 minutes.
Ingredients: Organic Fair Trade Chamomile, organic green rooibos, organic fair trade rooibos, organic orange peel, natural flavors.


Fruity Mary  Apple pieces, freeze-dried apple and raspberry pieces, lemon grass, flavoring, cornflower. Temperature: 206 F degrees. 
Steep Time: 5 minutes.


Mango Yogurt  Currants, hibiscus blossoms, papaya cubes (papaya , sugar), elderberries, pineapple flakes. papaya flakes, coconut chips, flavoring w/lactose, freeze dried yogurt granules (skimmed milk, yogurt (lactose), sugar, malt dextrin, modified starch (di-carbophosphate, citric acid), wild strawberry leaves, sunflower blossoms, black currant, blueberries.

Temperature: 206 F degrees. 
Steep Time: 5 minutes.


Palais Royal  Papaya cubes (papaya, sugar), hibiscus blossoms, currants, black currants, blueberries, elderberries, natural flavoring, freeze-dried strawberry and raspberry pieces. Temperature: 206 F degrees. 
Steep Time: 5 minutes.


Roasted Almond   Apple, almond and beetroot pieces, hibiscus flower, natural flavors. 

Temperature: 206 F degrees. 
Steep Time: 5-10 minutes.


Honeybush (caffeine free)


French Lemon Ginger     A breath of fresh air!  This organic ambrosia is the answer to a clean fresh cup. Combining lemon verbena, lemongrass, botanicals, and ginger complimented with the sweetness of South African honeybush.


Honeypie Traditional South African Honeybush produces a sweetness deeper than it's Rooibush cousin, plus a few extra notes of wood and pepper for a long, delicious finish.

Rooibos Herb (caffeine free)


Apricot Escape Organic rooibos & honeybush are carefully blended with lemongrass, lemon myrtle, rosehips, hibiscus, marigolds, citrus peel, apple and essence of apricot & pear. Water Temperature: 206 F degrees. Steep Time: 5-7 minutes.


Italian Blood Orange   Fair Trade Organic Rooibos combined with hibiscus, orange peel, safflower, and natural citrus essence. This caffeine free blend brews a light pink hue with a clean mouth feel. Water Temperature: 206 F degrees. Steep Time: 5-7 minutes.


Kauai Cocktail  The ideal tropical blend of organic hibiscus, currants, rooibos, pineapple, rosehips and natural fruit essence. This sweet and slightly tart fruity elixir brews a rich red infusion Water Temperature: 206 F degrees. Steep Time: 5-7 minutes.


Lemon Rooibos  Lemongrass adds a citrus highlight and aroma to this favorite South African herbal. Rich in vitamins. Water Temperature: 206 F degrees. Steep Time: 5-7 minutes.


Pina Colada  Rooibos, apple pieces, hibiscus blossoms, rose hip peel, pineapple cubes (pineapple, sugar), coconut shreds, natural flavoring.

Water Temperature: 206 F degrees. Steep Time: 5-7 minutes.


Rooibos Jungle Fire  Clove and cinnamon sparkle along side the natural sweetness of Rooibush. A satisfying, spicy heat. Water Temperature: 206 F degrees. Steep Time: 5-7 minutes.


Vanilla Berry Truffle  Succulent black currants, South African rooibos, hibiscus and vanilla blossoms. Caffeine Content: Caffeine Free. 
Ingredients: Fair Trade Organic Rooibos, Organic Hibiscus, Organic Currants, White Chocolate, Natural Flavor.
Origin: House Blend Water Temperature: 176-194 F degrees. Steep Time: 5-7 minutes.


Velvet Sweet enticing chocolate swimming in a deep velvety base of organic rooibos and refreshing mint leaves. The perfect answer to a dessert tea. The finish is smooth, complimented with a touch of vanilla.  Water Temperature: 206 F degrees. 
Caffeine Content: Low. 
Steep Time: 5-7 minutes. 
Ingredients: Organic Fair Trade Rooibos, Organic Mint, Organic Apple, Organic Cacao Nibs, Chocolate, Natural Flavors.
Origin: House Blend


Ayurvedic (caffeine free)


The goal of Ayurveda is a long life with total physical as well as mental health. It has to be noted that Ayurveda views the human being in its entirety, composed of body, mind and soul. The main focus of Ayurveda lies on the prevention of illnesses.


Tridosha   Based on Ayurvedic principles we customized a blend of select botanicals traditionally used to nourish the body and soul year-round. It is a very grounding tea that is traditionally used to aid in digestion and to promote memory retention.  Ingredients include: Licorice root, ginkgo leaf, coriander, fennel, and mint.


Pitta is in liaison with: warm/hot, spicy, fluid, sour Mint, Lemon Grass and Cardamom sooth the heat of the day—be it the blaze of summer or the stress of the grind. In the Ayurvedic tradition, the Pitta dosha is in need of a cooling, soothing touch. Excellent hot or iced. Ingredients: lemon grass, mint, raspberry leaves, cardamom, licorice, mallow petals and rose petals.

Vigorously boiling water. Allow to brew 5 min.

Kapha is in liaison with: cold, heavy, oily, sweet, slow, dull A fiery, peppered blend for those in need of a little kick or welcome relief from a cold. In the Ayurvedic tradition, the Kapha dosha requires the fiery motivation provided by red chili and ginger to achieve balance.  Ingredients: ginger, blackberry leaves, lemon balm leaves, parsley, fennel, coriander, chili, and cardamom.

Vigorously boiling water. Allow to brew 5 min.


Fasting Balance Herb tea infusion: Ingredients: green Mate leaves, lemon grass, rose hip peels, ginger pieces, cardamom, black pepper, basil, rose petals, Roman chamomile.
This blend can support you in times of moderation, It was harmoniously composed using old Indian recipes. The intense spicy, flowery scent and taste let all ingredients unfold fully. Especially the slightly tangy taste of Mate is perfectly supplemented by the fresh note of lemon grass. This blend can be drunk either cold or warm and surely makes every fasting period easier to bear.

212 degrees and let sit for 5-7 minutes.


Wellness  Winner 2007 World Tea Expo, iced tea competition   Apple pieces, carrot flakes, blackberry and eucalyptus leaves, beetroot pieces, hibiscus blossoms, lemon grass, natural flavoring, freeze-dried tangerine pieces, orange slices. 206 F degrees. 
Steep Time: 5 minutes


The blends 'Women's Activity Tea' and 'Men's Activity Tea' are created according to the different characteristics or energy flows of men and women.


Women’s Activity Herb tea blend: Ingredients: orange peel, cinnamon pieces, fennel, liquorice roots, cardamom, ginger roots, angelica and dandelion roots, cloves, juniper berries, liquorice.
Following old Indian tradition – supportive every day. It has a spicy scent of juniper and fresh orange. The taste is very soft and round with a pleasant note of fennel and cinnamon. Refreshing and vitalizing at the same time.  176 degrees and let sit for 5-7 minutes.


Men’s Activity Herb tea blend: Ingredients: cinnamon pieces, fennel, ginger pieces, rosemary leaves, peppermint, cardamom, carob, damiana leaves, liquorice roots, sage leaves, black pepper, cloves, sarsaparilla roots.
The basis of this blend is the tradition of the ayurvedic teachings. The interesting, spicy and tangy herbal taste with a hing of ginger and pepper will vanquish any man's weariness. 212 degrees and let sit for 5-7 minutes.

Blooming Teas

Single origin Silver Needle White Tea, Naturally Infused with Real Jasmine.

 Fair Lady  White jasmine and golden lily flowers

 Red Song  Red carnation blossom   

 Butterfly  White jasmine flowers and purple amaranth blossoms

 Falling Water  White jasmine flowers and golden calendula blossoms   

 Heart of Love  Pink rose bud, orange lily blossom,

 Calendula  Yellow calendula blossom, jasmine infusion