Soup & Pastries

Our Bavarian Tea Studio Cafe is open every Wednesday through Saturday, 11-1:30, starting April 18, featuring soups, pastries desserts, teas and coffee.  All made with love by me, Victoria!



All of our food and drinks are prepared with love and the freshest of ingredients.  Some of our produce, herbs and garnishes come directly from our own organic Sanctuary garden.  Because we are a small cafe, we are able to personally select of our produce and meats (hormone/antibiotic/nitrate-free) from Whole foods in University Heights, and Farmer Jones and Old Country Sausage in Maple Heights.

Our whole house water filtration system filters all water used for drinking and cooking and even the water used for cleaning and watering our garden.  

We practice vegan composting and gardening.  All tea leaves and bags, coffee filters and filtered coffee, vegetable and fruit scraps are composted and then tilled into or organic garden soil to produce the most flavorful and beautiful lettuce, tomatoes and herbs that we then serve in our tea studio.  We use no animal products or table scraps in our compost.  

We make every effort to use minimal fat, salt and sugar. Our homemade pastries are made with unbleached whole grain flour and locally produced butter.  Our organic milk and cream contain no hormones or antibiotics. 

Although we do our best to keep products separate, our kitchen prepares dishes containing nuts, milk, and wheat.  Please let us know if you have culinary allergies.  A list of ingredients for each item is available upon request.

We always have a staff member in the kitchen with permanent certification by ServSafe® as specified in the Ohio Uniform Code.

Koehn Sculptors' Sanctuary on Green complies with the Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code, Section 3717.42, Exclusions-exemptions from licensed requirement, Paragraph 13: A private home that prepares and offers food to guests, if the home is owner-occupied, meals are served on the premises of that home, the number of meals served does not exceed one hundred fifteen per week, and the home displays a notice in a place conspicuous to all of its guests informing them that that home is not required to be licensed as a food service operation.

The entire Sanctuary property is smoke free.  We appreciate your consideration for your fellow guests, Sanctuary staff, and wetland creatures.

We thank you for your patronage.