Occasional Restaurant

Our Occaisional Home restaurant is closed during the holiday season.

Organic and homegrown whenever possible
Fresh, clean and healthy meals prepared with love!

(This is a sample menu)                                          

Soups of the day with assorted toppings: Always vegan and gluten free! (Our soups are completley homemade with the freshest ingredients & no prefab starters or broths.  We do not use cream in any of our soups)  We rotate our selection and feature the following:  Roasted Squash, Aparagas, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Carrot-Ginger-Orange, Spring Potato, Jerusalem Artichoke, Roasted Garlic Kale, Pumpkin, Five Spice Squash, Celery leek, Morracon Lentil, Bean and Tuscan Kale

Sample Lunch Menu

Artist Palette A cup of soup, salad assortments, 2 Bavarian canapés on whole grain bread,  fruit slice.

Sanctuary Picnic Turkey burger topped with sautéed onions & tomato served on whole grain bun, with side salad assortments and organic greens, and fruit slice. (Vidalia onion, mustard, ketchup & mayo on request)

Asparagus Tomato Quiche (veg) Fresh Tomato, asparagus and parsley top this light, custardy, creamless quiche. Served with side salad assortments and greens and a fruit slice

Soup Duette- A 2-soup sampler served with whole grain baguette and butter.

Still Life- Assorted  seasonal fruit plate, tomato and avocado slice, two canape sandwiches

Münchner Weisswurst The original Oktoberfest specialty! Gluten Free  98% lean veal/pork sausage simmered with your choice of sauerkraut or blaukraut, (sweet/sour cooked red cabbage with apples) sweet/sour cucumbers and sweet Bavarian mustard.  

Spring Chicken Salad Plate Gluten free  White breast of chicken and turkey, assorted vegetables, fruits and herbs finely minced and tossed in a light lemon/her/mayo vinaigrette.  Served with fruit slice.

Macrobiotic Great Life Plate (v)(gf) $16.50 Sanctuary home-grown organic baby kale with mildly spicy peanut sauce topped w/peanuts and onions, Organic Ruby Quinoa with beets & cucumber in ume plum vinaigrette, mixed salads and greens. (gf) please request gluten free crackers

South Euclid Sanctuary Salad-vegetarian, gluten-free  (Spring Sanctuary Salad Plate)   Fresh greens with tomato slice and avocado, choice of dressing, sweet/sour cucumbers, carrot/raisin and cabbage salads, edible hibiscus blossom stuffed with herbed honey goat cheese.        

The Woodcarvers' Lunch- Chicken Schnitzel Happy air-chilled boneless chicken breast lightly breaded and sauteed in oh! so little olive oil, served with a mini sanctuary salad and choice of sauerkraut or blaukraut.

Tomato Mozzarella  Home-Grown Tomato & chiffonade of Basil, fresh mozzarella, shaved Vidalia onions, Homegrown Organic Greens, balsamic vinegar and cold/first pressed extra virgin olive oil

The Veganist- Tofu Schnitzel Vegan Organic Tofu, lightly breaded & sautéed in oh’ so little olive oil, served with assorted salads, sauteed tomatoes and choice of blaukraut or sauerkraut.

The Seascape Three assorted herring preparations: mustard sauce, dill cream sauce and dill, dressed with organic greens, egg slices, Ohio grown tomatos, avocado, baguette and butter. 

Ammergauer Quark Brot-( Always vegan and gluten free! veg) Quark is a very mild fresh, low-fat farmer's cheese (first natural curd) and fresh organic herbs mounded atop buttered wood-fired bread; garnished with fresh herbs, vegetables, German pickle and spicy asparagus spear; served with sweet/sour cucumber and carrot apple salads.

Sanctuary Spa Bowl Blueberries, organic açaí juice, banana & vanilla yogurt, blended and topped with hemp granola, assorted fruits.   

Small Salad options:              

Sweet/sour cucumbers

Carrot apple Salad

Ruby quinoa

Fine Cabbage Salad


Dressing options:

House Hibiscus Citrus Vinaigrette

Sherry Vinaigrette

Aged Balsamic vinegar and first cold

    pressed extra virgin olive oil    


Cup of Love  a wonderfully decadent demi-tasse of rich hot dark sipping chocolate topped with a dollop of fresh homemade whipped cream.  Traditionally served in European cafes.  A real endorphin booster! Served with fruit slice                                                                                                                            

California Lime Pie on a pecan crumb crust and a strawberry fan.

Almond Orange Crescent- gluten free -dipped in Belgian Chocolate, served with fruit slice.

Rote Grütze- "Rubies in Springtime" A north German Delight!  Forest berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, black berries) tossed in a delicious red wine/agave/acai sauce served with homemade vanilla sauce or vanilla bean ice cream.

Sunshine Cake Lemon or Orange Chiffon a lightly glazed fluffy 4-ingredient cake with a side of whipped cream

Norbert's Favorite Chocolate Mocha Cake Old fashioned devil's food cake, Bavarian mocha buttercream frosting, layered with mandarin aoranges.

Sanctuary Moon- Gluten free almond crescent dipped in Belgian chocolate.

Sanctuary Sunset Sunshine Cake served with a splash of Rote Grütze , an orange slice and whipped cream

Detoxify!- with Chocolate and Green Tea: homemade chocolate mousse topped with whipped cream and a green tea Oblaten plus a sprinkle of Matcha tea                                                                              

Strudel of the Day Ask your Tea Guide for our daily offering. A light flaky pastry filled with apple, blueberry, cherry or cottage cheese, served w/fresh whipped cream. Our strudels are made w/finely ground walnuts between the dough layers using minimal butter              

Wild Rice Aebelskiver (vegetarian) 20 min wait time- Three Traditional Danish spherical (ball) pancakes filled w/lingonberry preserves (mountain bilberry) or  topped w/rote gruetze & a side of whipped cream 

Zugspitz (gluten free -substitute gluten free biscuit for oblaten available on request)      Warmed spirited fruits atop vanilla ice cream dolloped with homemade whipped cream. (Raspberry/limoncello, Cherry/cherry liqueur, Peach amaretto) & an Oblaten or gluten-free wafer cookie

Ice Cream (gluten free) w/cabernet-chocolate sauce & whipped cream & Oblaten                                        



All of our food and drinks are prepared with love and the freshest of ingredients.  Some of our produce, herbs and garnishes come directly from our own organic Sanctuary garden.  Because we are a small cafe, we are able to personally select of our produce and meats (hormone/antibiotic/nitrate-free) from Whole foods in University Heights, and Farmer Jones and Old Country Sausage in Maple Heights.

Our whole house water filtration system filters all water used for drinking and cooking and even the water used for cleaning and watering our garden.  

We practice vegan composting and gardening.  All tea leaves and bags, coffee filters and filtered coffee, vegetable and fruit scraps are composted and then tilled into or organic garden soil to produce the most flavorful and beautiful lettuce, tomatoes and herbs that we then serve in our tea studio.  We use no animal products or table scraps in our compost.  

We make every effort to use minimal fat, salt and sugar. Our homemade pastries are made with unbleached whole grain flour and locally produced butter.  Our organic milk and cream contain no hormones or antibiotics. 

Although we do our best to keep products separate, our kitchen prepares dishes containing nuts, milk, and wheat.  Please let us know if you have culinary allergies.  A list of ingredients for each item is available upon request.

We always have a staff member in the kitchen with permanent certification by ServSafe® as specified in the Ohio Uniform Code.

Koehn Sculptors' Sanctuary on Green complies with the Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code, Section 3717.42, Exclusions-exemptions from licensed requirement, Paragraph 13: A private home that prepares and offers food to guests, if the home is owner-occupied, meals are served on the premises of that home, the number of meals served does not exceed one hundred fifteen per week, and the home displays a notice in a place conspicuous to all of its guests informing them that that home is not required to be licensed as a food service operation.

The entire Sanctuary property is smoke free.  We appreciate your consideration for your fellow guests, Sanctuary staff, and wetland creatures.

We thank you for your patronage.