Our home boutique is  filled with the color, warmth and smells of spring!
New  merchandise is arriving daily including: Clothing by Cupcake, Sun Hats, Stuffed animals and finger puppets, Books, Singing Bowls/Yak Throws/Jewelry from Nepal
, Unique jewelry from Columbia, US, Nepal, Thailand . . .

In the kitchen we brought back a few of our popular requests including our Organic Macrobiotic Plate with kale, salads and herbs from our Sanctuary garden,  Herring Assortment Platter (gluten free) and Spring Chicken Salad Plate (low fat, gluten free)!


(Norbert erects the 14' chimes sculpture in our Serenity Garden)

Bavarian Tea Studio Café

It's Here!
"Farm to Table"
Our organic Sanctuary garden is abundant again this year as we again feature our famous vegan/gluten free Good Life Macrobiotic Plate!  Ruby quinoa with beets and cucumber, Sanctuary organic kale and a mildly spicy peanut sauce, shaved Vidallia onions, Sanctuary organic greens and herbs , and diced fruit, all dressed in our house citrus hibiscus or sherry vinaigrette. ...Healthy, organic and incredibly delicious!










Gift Shop

Great gifts for graduates, family and friends . . .